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... For no REAL blog today. 1-5pm Wed., Drive to LA 5-6:30pm sleep in car 7-10pm acting class with Scott Wissner 10-11pm look for parking spot in Highland Park where my daughter lives 12a-5a sleep 5:30 -7a Thurs. Drive daughter to LAX 7a -noon drive a tired Dave back...

Voice Over Education

My Monday Night Visitor

What day of the week would you say comes with the highest concentration of VO audition requests? Uh-huh.  Monday. Now, let me explain that my prime daypart for recording auditions is midnight to 3am.  Lately I've also adding 11am - 1pm after I rise, for doing...

Your Homework Assignment for Tonight

Does anybody watch TV without the DVR running in the background any more?  Either way, your homework assignment for tonight is to play back pay a prime-time or prime-time access program and pay special attention to the commercials. Right.  The thing that we all...

Lookin’ For a Reason To Come To Vegas?

...like you really needed one, right? Well, September 10th-11th is apparently a very popular VO weekend in Las Vegas. Two coveted voice acting coaches will be here for weekend workshops. #1.  Pat Fraley Pat is hands-down one of the top VO coaches...he could do this on...

VO Email Marketing

Your email signature bookends your salutation.  Both are perfunctory, and yet pertinent.As overlooked as the signature can be...don't you always notice when it's missing?...or minimal...or overdone?The email signature for a voice-actor is part marketing, part...

3 Warnings About Blog Titles With Numbers in Them

Why?  Because it’s a manipulative device to get you to read it!  That’s the #1 reason.  You don’t want to be manipulated do you?  Virtually every last blog about and for bloggers mentions this magic formula.  I’m sure there’s some psychological reason behind it…so let...

Break the Mold

It's late...or early...whichever.  The clock says 3:32am as I write this.We're creatures of habit, tending to keep the same schedules.  Mine is a late one.  Yes, I do sleep.  My sleep hours are just not YOUR sleep hours.  Personally, I believe the hours from  midnight...

What AGE is Your Voice?

Does a voice HAVE an age?  Well, I mean, of course it has the age associated with the cords' owner but can you tell a person's age by their voice? Or vice-versa...does a certain timbre/quality of voice HAVE an age?I go back to the analogy surrounding race.  The...

Does Voice Acting Have a “Slow” Season?

Time and again I see online posts asking if anyone else is experiencing downtime.  It's almost as if people are trying to reassure themselves that their own reduced workload mirrors the experience of others (the old "misery loves company" thing).There are all sorts of...

The Ultimate Authority

Just when I think I've got a bead on the people who make up this voice over community, I find out I really know nothing.I mean, I've been to umpteen VO conferences, I write a widely-read VO blog, I administer some social media VO forums, I'm the president of...

World Voices #WoVochat

Find One More

Putting on Voiceover conferences is a lot of effort! Finally emerging from the surplus of work waiting for me after a busy weekend… this message for WoVO members and non-members.

Such a Blur

Didn’t this conference just start? Well, now it’s over…and there’s so much to do!

WoVO Week

How many things have you nurtured through thick ‘n’ thin for five solid years? WoVO is that kind of “thing”…that kind of committment.

Rates Roundtable is Back!

Video Game voice-actors and SAG-AFTRA negotiators discuss the Interactive Strike. A Gold-Ribbon panel of experts talk about progress being made in SAG’s longest-ever strike.

VO Business & Compensation

Wine Country

I'm shooting a documentary North of the Bay Area in and around Sonoma County CA during an extended weekend. Back Tuesday night I'm posting these videos... Because for a guy who lives in the desert all this green and these vineyards are too much! CourVO [video...

Voice Over Education

Are You “Studio Approved”?

World-Voices wrestled with this issue from day one.WoVO is not in the business of making subjective decisions about whether you are a good talent, can give a compelling promotional read, or can kill it on a commercial read.But, there are some objective and measurable...

Studio On Wheels

Most voice actors seem obsessed with obtaining, and having at-the-ready, a mobile recording solution.I get it.  I'm a geek too, and I've got several iterations of an "away" recording configuration.But let's face it, you can have a U-87  in your hotel room, and your...

Cracking the “Newbie” Nut

Every day a new voice is born.  When they get older people tell them "you should be in radio" (not knowing that radio these days hardly has any live humans to speak of anymore). When that happens often enough, the person with the golden pipes starts to believe they...

Go With What You Know

Ask me what got me into being a voice-actor, and I'd tell you "AudioBooks". It seemed like a perfect fit for me.  I was interested in it, and pursued it whole-heartedly for about 5 years. I ended up narrating some 40 titles, attended APAC twice, was a beta tester for...

Too Many Coaches, Not Enough Mentors

The estimate that only 5% of voice actors are truly supporting themselves and their families with strictly voiceover work is probably correct. (remember, 47.93% of all numbers quoted online are made-up).Whatever the number (almost impossible to discern), it's...

A Defense of the “First Take”

The main point of this blog is not going to sit well with many...least of all the accomplished voice coaches I've worked with. So, consider this point of view more as an idea I'm floating out there as an alternative.  It's a counter-argument to the other end of the...

Cipriano Career Consulting

Ha!..and you thought he was only a pretty face!OK, so maybe you thought he was just one of those uber-successful and ubiquitous network promo voices.You'd be right on both counts, but you also know there's a depth and a generosity to Joe Cipriano that harkens back to...

The Case For Face

Everything you do online for your VO business:  Demos, Blogs, Twitter posts, FaceBook updates, profiles, newsletters...even email signatures should have a picture.I used to sit on the fence on this debate...you know...the debate over whether a...

The Voice-Actor’s Law of Diminishing Returns

Franklin wanted to better his chances at getting documentary voiceover jobs, and sought out a top producer to help with a killer demo.  He was taken aback by the quote he got.  Would it be worth it?Barbara just knew she'd improve the sound of her VO auditions if she...

Voice Over Hardware & Software tools

Bluff & Bluster

In this case, I hated being right. Check out today’s blog to find out why a cease and desist order is bad for the voice-acting community, but oh-so-predictable considering the source.

Turning Point

Decision time. What do you stand for, and how firmly do you stand? Will you justify and make excuses, or resist falling in line with the other lemmings?

The REAL Reel

Who calls them “reels” anymore? That and other myths about voiceover demos — dashed — in this blog.

They Just. Won’t. Die.

Voice Actors need reliable and useful tools to have a successful freelance business. Two entrenched tools are showing surprising resilience.

Voice Over Events

Such a Blur

Didn’t this conference just start? Well, now it’s over…and there’s so much to do!

WoVO Week

How many things have you nurtured through thick ‘n’ thin for five solid years? WoVO is that kind of “thing”…that kind of committment.

Rates Roundtable is Back!

Video Game voice-actors and SAG-AFTRA negotiators discuss the Interactive Strike. A Gold-Ribbon panel of experts talk about progress being made in SAG’s longest-ever strike.

…Just Days

Not to beat a dead horse... but to beat the deadline and attend one of the best VO conferences of the year, you're down to a matter of days and hours. WoVOCon IV in fabulous Las Vegas Nevada happens the last week of June, and we need to know...

13 Days…and Counting

OK, I admit it, I'm totally biased about WoVO.  Of course I am.  I'm a founder and the current president. With over 800 members, World-Voices Organization is now more than just a cozy little group of like-minded souls.  It's a movement.  A movement about to celebrate...

Voice Over Niches

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Voice Over Hardware & Software tools

Rockin’ It

Talent Liz Atherton and I were interview subjects on a recent podcast still trying to dissect the effect of VDC’s buyout of VoiceBank. You should listen!

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CourVO’s Zoho Memo

An online suite of applications with complimentary mobile apps, and all at a kickin’ price. Zoho’s new offering might just be what you’re looking for.

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