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In the last year, I’ve uploaded 143 auditions to V123.  Not one bite…not one job.

Now they want me to renew for another year.  First of all, no way am I paying for a premium membership.  In my mind, that shouldn’t even exist.  Let everyone compete on an even playing field.

So-o-o-o-o…..the way I see it, several conclusions seem obvious:

  1.  I suck at auditioning
  2.  I should go back to VO school
  3.  V123 should comp me the next year’s subscription
  4.  P2P’s are a thankless time-suck
  5.  All of the above

I’ve heard from many of you.  You’re booking on V123, despite all their recent missteps.  I’m aware of the 1-job-to-100-auditions rule of thumb...but it’s just not working for me.

Bully for you.

Actually, over the years, my ratio of booking on P2P’s is more like 2-to-873.  No kidding.  

Despite those dismal numbers, I’m staying busy as a voice talent.  Sure, I’d like to be doing more…wouldn’t we all?  But is this the way? 

I think I’m going to take my own blog advice, and forgo this renewal.  See: “5 Clues Your “Persistence” is Really Pigheadedness

What would you do?









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  1. Gary Lewis

    “I’m right there with you Dave.” It can be a confidence killer to say the least. I am putting my chips in with Matt Dubois and voiceovers.com. However, many of the auditions posted are for 100 auditions. Why? Very few people don’t even listen to 50. Matt is slower getting up to speed than he anticipated. That is solely my opinion. I treat V123 as a good place to practice. However good practice needs feedback. To back up my original statement, “I’m right there with you Dave.”


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