In the last year, I’ve uploaded 143 auditions to V123.  Not one bite…not one job.

Now they want me to renew for another year.  First of all, no way am I paying for a premium membership.  In my mind, that shouldn’t even exist.  Let everyone compete on an even playing field.

So-o-o-o-o…..the way I see it, several conclusions seem obvious:

  1.  I suck at auditioning
  2.  I should go back to VO school
  3.  V123 should comp me the next year’s subscription
  4.  P2P’s are a thankless time-suck
  5.  All of the above

I’ve heard from many of you.  You’re booking on V123, despite all their recent missteps.  I’m aware of the 1-job-to-100-auditions rule of thumb...but it’s just not working for me.

Bully for you.

Actually, over the years, my ratio of booking on P2P’s is more like 2-to-873.  No kidding.  

Despite those dismal numbers, I’m staying busy as a voice talent.  Sure, I’d like to be doing more…wouldn’t we all?  But is this the way? 

I think I’m going to take my own blog advice, and forgo this renewal.  See: “5 Clues Your “Persistence” is Really Pigheadedness

What would you do?