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The VO Newcomer Playbook

There’s no more secret to approaching VO for the first time than there is ANY freelance “gig” profession.
It boils down to one word.

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No SEO Will Survive THIS Search Method

Just when you think you might be gaining ground in the holy grail of search optimization, along comes a method for finding voice actors from way out in left field.

VO Coaching Conundrums

Apparently, a lot of people want to coach voice acting these days. But why?…and who? When does a voice talent become a voice coach…and where are the rules & regs? A few observations within…

Creative VO Prospecting

Yesterday, I was reading through my Google Alerts, and came across a Craigslist ad placed by a seasoned VO pro.  I've re-printed most of it for you to see below the line-break.  The ad came complete with a graphic, phone #, website address, a map to his major U-S city...

Clearing Out the Crud

When your speaking apparatus is gunked-up... you can't keep up your VO commitments so well. And Boy Howdy, this is the season for gunking! How many times have I seen anguished posts on social media groups begging anyone for quick-fix solutions that will allow the...

Starting Out

Launching into the world of voice acting is a steep challenge.  There are no manuals, but plenty of "opportunities".  The opportunities range from legitimate offers of help to outright predation, and everything in between...including the costs involved. As you would...

Qualified to be a VO Coach?

The estimate that only 5% of voice actors are truly supporting themselves and their families with strictly voiceover work is probably close to correct. (remember, 47.93% of all numbers quoted online are made-up). Whatever the number (almost impossible to discern),...

My Monday Night Visitor

What day of the week would you say comes with the highest concentration of VO audition requests? Uh-huh.  Monday. Now, let me explain that my prime daypart for recording auditions is midnight to 3am.  Lately I've also adding 11am - 1pm after I rise, for doing...

Your Homework Assignment for Tonight

Does anybody watch TV without the DVR running in the background any more?  Either way, your homework assignment for tonight is to play back pay a prime-time or prime-time access program and pay special attention to the commercials. Right.  The thing that we all...

Lookin’ For a Reason To Come To Vegas?

...like you really needed one, right? Well, September 10th-11th is apparently a very popular VO weekend in Las Vegas. Two coveted voice acting coaches will be here for weekend workshops. #1.  Pat Fraley Pat is hands-down one of the top VO coaches...he could do this on...

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Google Search on Steroids

Google Search on Steroids

Understand a few simple syntax constructions in your google search,
and you can open up a world of opportunity.

The 5 Technology Myths of Voiceover

The 5 Technology Myths of Voiceover

Impossible! 21st-Century technology BUILT today’s VO profession! How could it conceivably shackle your progress? Read it and weep. Chances are you’re guilty.

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Save $50 !!!

Save $50 !!!

Thursday and Friday…the last chance to get the lowest price on the best VO conference yet this year.

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