VoiceOver hopefuls are entering the field by the hundreds, thousands

Forget that…I think it’s by the trillions.

All those coaches, ya know.

And with AI voices catching on, who knows where they will all find work.

Another topic for another blog I guess.



Let’s take a look, though, at the timeless fodder being fed to all those newbies.  I’m talking half-truths, and hints of once-legitimate guidelines that form a legacy of lore; an almost unassailable bedrock of “rules” that are no longer gospel.

Like most myths, there is a whisper of validity to most of them.  But time, technology, technique, and innovation are making them moot.

I’m using this theme to write a series of articles, tackling each myth one at a time.

I’ll start with one of the most fundamental that you’ll hear coaches gush about:


Sure, stand if you want….through all the 20 auditions you do every day, through a 2-hour Source-Connect session, through endless takes, tags, and time…and while you’re at it TAKE NO BATHROOM BREAKS either….it makes about as much sense.

Tellya what…ask an audiobook narrator whether they stand to do some of the most creative and taxing work in this business.

Uh, no.

I do suppose standing lets you breathe better, project better, and speak from your diaphragm, right?  That’s broadcast pablum from an era of announcers.

Now, it’s all conversational, right?

When you’re sitting around on the couch talking to your friends in conversation, do you demand that everyone get up and stand on their feet to finish the conversation?

Uh, no (again)

Hey, I’m not here to tell you what to do.  I’m just one guy.  If standing in the booth works for ya…by all means….

But don’t let some coach tell you that it’s the ONLY way to deliver your VO lines.

It’s not.




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