Seward’s Folly

With the Civil War barely over, reconstruction underway, and USA coffers empty, Secretary of State William Seward proposed buying the Alaska territory from Russia.  The year was 1867, and the sale would cost 7.2-million dollars.  Pocket change for Jeff Bezos! Despite... read more


To take this picture, you have to drive about 120 miles off any paved highway, down some brambled trail, across a few washes, and up a canyon. (I know. I did.) This is what I love about the West.  There are still vast stretchs of wild.   And one more... read more

Merry Christmas!

No getting around it. I’m a Christian, and this is a pretty special time of year for me. I’ll not proselytize, but I will wish you & yours the very best.  If ever during the year, something magical might happen, this is that time of year. Thanks... read more

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