I’ll be here…

Enjoy these pics. I’ll be meditating on them myself while I take a couple of days away to recover from a routine medical procedure.

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A VO Tale From the Road

Roughly 8 years ago, I began an online conversation with the affable Ed Helvey.  ‘Not sure how or where that happened, but it blossomed. At the time, he was living back East, and like all of us at some time or another was feeling life changes, work changes,... read more

Your One Job Today

Sure, you have lots of “must-dos” this Wednesday.  Gotta keep the spouse/partner/better-half happy. Brush your teeth.  Make phone calls.  Cut loads of auditions.  Go prospecting for jobs.  Fulfill obligations of all kinds. ... read more

Don’t Be Me

. You know the handy phrase:  “…if you need something done, ask a busy person…” People ask me to do stuff alla time.  I take it as a compliment:  that I’m a busy person that they can rely on me But here’s where the... read more

The Value of Common Sense

(Sorry, but you gotta read through this whole diatribe to get to the voice over lesson here…bear with me?) This Winter, as in all seasons past, there will be natural calamities, and dangerous conditions…and there will be human casualties. In Las Vegas, a... read more

20 Years Ago…

…I had a moustache. For a TV News Anchor…that’s odd.  Surveys show that viewers have a lower level of trust for on-air newspeople with facial hair.  After all, what are they trying to hide? That’s ultimately why — 20 years ago... read more

The Scariest Thing About Voice-Acting Today

The internet created a monster. Like Frankenstein — if we lose control of the thing we’ve created — well, things turn bad in the end. BUT, the internet also gave us a gift…many gifts.  And if we use them cleverly, we can avoid the... read more

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