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Need a Professional Voice Actor for Corporate productions?

Need a Professional Voice Actor for corporate voice over projects?

Your boss needs a big, important project done now, and it’s gotta sound right.

You need a voice that’s distinct, business-like, and hits the ear of your target perfectly.

You’re in the right place.  My corporate narration experience ranges from explainer videos, to PowerPoint presentations, to award-show events, to instructional projects, and more.

Above all, though, you need a reliable business partner who understands your needs, and can be immediately responsive and dependable.  
Ask me for a list of current and past satisfied customers.  

In the demo above, you’ll hear a good sampling of the kind of delivery that will catch your audience’s ear, delivered by an Emmy Award-winning voice tailored directly to the people who need to hear it.

Contact me directly (702-610-6288) or reach out through my representatives. We’re quick and responsive, professional and we deliver great results for corporate voice over projects! 

If you are ready or have questions, please reach out.

You can expect a quick and professional response. We can review your script or requirements and get started.