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Searching for the right voice acting professional for a TV Narration production?

Need a voice actor for a broadcast Narration project or ‘in-show’ narration element?

You just found the perfect person to voice your TV narration or documentary project…a guy who’s been in TV for more than 35 years!

I’m an Emmy award-winning broadcaster in a former life.  I understand your needs like no one else, and I know the audience inside and out. What sort of a delivery reaches them, and how a professional voice can connect with the human listening.

Find out why hundreds of thousands of viewers preferred watching me on the news night after night for years!…because I know how to connect with the audience.

Several documentaries utilizing my voice are airing on various PBS stations right now.  I’m happy to direct you to them if you’d like to hear.  In the meantime, the above demo gives you some idea of the range of my delivery.

Contact me directly (702-610-6288) or reach out through my representatives about hiring a professional voice narrator with years of experience


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