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Looking for a professional voice actor for an auto dealership?

Need a professional voice for your next auto sales event?

Auto dealerships make my head swim!  
There is no better example of fast-paced marketing in the free world.

Keeping a vibrant auto dealership group or franchise humming takes constant, quality ads delivered by someone with a savvy voice.

Who better to hire than a guy who’s been in TV for more than 35+ years?!  I’ve got the knowledge, the pipes, the audience understanding and the dependability you’re gonna need to hammer away at new ads every week, every few days…heck… every DAY if need be.

Listen to the above demos for Toyota, Ford Mustang, BMW, Trucks, Chrysler Jeep/Dodge, Leasing, Cadillac and more to see how my voice would sound on YOUR ad.

Contact me directly (702-610-6288) or reach out through my representatives about hiring a professional voice for your car dealerhip, truck dealership, commercials for a brand, a model or a one time auto sales event.


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