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Voice Over Hardware, Voice Over Software and other VO Tools

Freelancer Security

We ARE the IT department for our freelance businesses. But is that a strong suit for you?
Here are some fundamentals to consider.

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Year-End URL’s

On the cusp of 2018, here are a few online resources I’ve been hanging on to for just this ocassion.

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Get Paid!

With a new year looming…your top priority should be getting jobs, and that means getting paid.
Here’s a list of the best ways to do that with the least cost.

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CRM: Can’t Reach Me

The never-ending search for a CRM (customer relationship manager) is…well…never-ending. Maybe this will bring it to an end for you.

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Automated Voice Acting?

They’ll never stop trying. The innovators, scientists, and geeks who think there’s a digital answer to nearly every human function. Now, this.

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Bluff & Bluster

In this case, I hated being right. Check out today’s blog to find out why a cease and desist order is bad for the voice-acting community, but oh-so-predictable considering the source.

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