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Fool Me Once…

Some CEO’s should really not attempt their own PR…especially if they’ve already been burned once. Nonetheless, here’s the painful video evidence.

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Thank You Gabby!

A simple website with a plain and powerful message. Not everyone will agree with it, but I do, and maybe you should too?

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CourVO’s Zoho Memo

An online suite of applications with complimentary mobile apps, and all at a kickin’ price. Zoho’s new offering might just be what you’re looking for.

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Outspoken Spot On

Online casting sites might be here to stay, but that doesn’t mean we should participate in the abuse certain P2P’s bring on our business.

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Here Fido!

All manner of online identity theft is possible and happening with greater frequency. Even 2-factor-authentication — while good — is fallible. That’s why you may want to invest in a USB gizmo that ups the security.

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Do This Instead of Buying a New Mic

Today’s freelance voice actor working in a home studio needs to understand their unique recording environment, and match a good mic to it (not the other way around). There’s help, and here’s how.

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Microphone Hygiene

Your microphone is not just a hunk of metal and wires. It’s delicate, and requires care. Here are a few simple suggestions.

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Refresh After Fail

Yesterday’s blog “Refresh, Reboot, Refurbish, Renew” needed a little refreshing itself. Here’s why.

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