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Refresh After Fail

Yesterday’s blog “Refresh, Reboot, Refurbish, Renew” needed a little refreshing itself. Here’s why.

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Do You Know Craig?

Is Craigslist a viable means to find voice-over jobs?…or to post your services to get jobs? Not just any jobs…GOOD-PAYING VO jobs. Seeking your responses to my query.

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Mp3, Like ISDN, Far From Gone

The German foundation that owns the rights to the mp3 audio file format announced it’s ending licensing. Does that mean this ubiquitous format is dead?

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Tools, Toys, & Time

A video admonition to not overload yourself with the myriad of tools and digital toys available right now. Tips on how to find the right ones and make them work for you.

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PhotoShop for Voice

Has PhotoShop been good for photography?  Don’t answer that.  Either way, does it follow that an analogous device or program would be good for voice-acting? That’s the basic question, I guess.  The only reason I can think of as to why someone would want to... read more

Transcribe Your Audio on Video

Hmmm, not sure what happened there, but Tuesday’s blog ended up being deleted.   I’ll chalk it up to new website blues.  Regardless, I’m posting it again for those who missed it. Video Transcribing App from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo. The app is by... read more

Prepare for PreAmps

Next to the all-important microphone, voice-actors wring their hands over their choice of pre-amp almost as much. I confess to not being worthy of expert advice in these matters.  I can tell you I’ve tried a bunch of ’em, and currently use the Universal... read more

Source-Elements at NAB

Robert Marshall is a genius with a Beatles haircut.  It works for him…the haircut…AND the brains.  I sought out his humble booth at NAB, because I know he’s always improving the Source-Elements prodigious product line…and would have news to... read more

ipDTL at NAB

The folks at in:Quality did it up right for the big NAB show.  Kevin Leach bought a nice big booth in the North Hall with excellent visibility and steady foot traffic. Upon arriving, I was happy to see any number of Vegas-based voice talent manning the booth, handing... read more

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