Mike Tarnow is a voice-over artist, ex-military, ex-broadcaster, and all-around good guy.

Somewhere along the way, we connected, and have remaind friends since.

Mike hosts a podcast that touches on a lot of subjects, but lately, he’s been asking certain guests where they were and how they were impacted by 9-11.

Our conversation ranged far and wide beyond 9-11, though, and of course, touched on many topics under the heading VOICEOVER.

You’d enjoy the conversation regardless of where you stand on 9-11 OR Voiceover.  Here’s the link to my episode specifically:  A.M. Podcast with Tarnow/Courvoisier.

Here are links to some other places where you can hear A.M. Coffee:

You can catch up with all episodes at amcoffee.us
Or you can find it on
Apple Podcasts


Thanks for listening!


(p.s. MIke has a hilarious Instagram account…just search his name there)



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