Who Did That Voice?

The permutations of branding slogans using the word “voice” simply amaze me.  Just when I think almost every catchy phrase has been taken, I see another one that reflects a commonly-heard expression…like it belongs on Wheel of Fortune or... read more

Talking with Tamashiro

Remember that big online melee about Fiverr that was sparked by Bill DeWees a few weeks ago?  Let me say that Bill is a friend, and I’ve never, nor will I ever bash him or his practices here on this blog.  But, it’s OK for friends to disagree,... read more

A Free VO Education

Most all of my uber-talented, seasoned, and generous peers in voiceover land will share their experience freely if you just ask. Mike Lenz asked…he asked a lot of people, including me. Mike and I recorded one of his many podcasts a week ago, but it’s... read more

Podcast Possibilities

What is a 60-something guy doing hip-deep in social media?  I’m not a Gen-X’er, nor a Gen-Y’er…nor a Millenial…not EVEN. Keeping up with tech-trends and new gizmos is a young person’s game.  Thankfully, I THINK young,... read more

The Ultimate Podcasting Resource

There are a lot of reasons people Podcast, but probably the biggest, is that it WORKS!  It works especially well as a marketing tool…or in today’s parlance: a content marketing tool.  In the process — much like blogging — you learn a... read more

VOX Talk Returns

Podcasting is here to stay… stronger than ever in most sectors.  At the last New Media Expo I attended, podcasters dominated the sessions…even garnering the attention of the audiobook community. That may be part of the reason Voices.com decided to... read more

Social Media Marketing Tips (and more)

Fellow voice over blogger John Melley interviewed me months ago…or at least it seems like it. (It was August, actually.) Now, he’s released our conversation in one of his regular episodes of The Voice Over Marketing Podcast (TVOMP). Honestly, I... read more

Fancy Pants Gangsters

Doncha just love that name for a company? The website I’m REALLY focusing on today is called THE VOICE BEHIND, but it comes under the umbrella of Owner and Pants Commander Evan Pedersen at Fancy Pants Gangsters. You’ll find out more about where that name... read more

Coffee with CourVO

Fellow VO Social Media geeks Terry Daniel and Trish Basanyi several weeks ago resurrected their highly-successful VO podcast series, and renamed it “Voice Over Cafe”. I was lucky enough to be 3rd on their list of guests, and recorded with them the other... read more

PodCast: LinkedIn Tips

Sometimes I forget that Las Vegas is a hotbed for Social Media activity, consistently ranking among top cities for participation, engagement, and innovation. Small wonder, then, that I’d find Lindsay Metter in the mix with a high profile, and a pocket full of... read more

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