Who Did That Voice?

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Podcasts, VO Business

fullsizeoutput_18cThe permutations of branding slogans using the word “voice” simply amaze me. 

Just when I think almost every catchy phrase has been taken, I see another one that reflects a commonly-heard expression…like it belongs on Wheel of Fortune or something!

“Who Did That Voice” is the by-line for Trent Larkin, an up-and-coming voice talent from the Texas/Oklahoma region.  He called me out of the blue over a month ago, and asked if I’d be a guest on his podcast.  I’m not a listener of podcasts myself, but I don’t mind being interviewed for them.  I see the value for a huge segment of the population… I just don’t have the time to listen to them with my schedule.

Maybe you’ll find out something about me or voice-acting that you hadn’t heard before when you listen to it.

Here’s the sneak-preview link to Trent’s Podcast with me guesting. 

Trent is not releasing it publicly until Thanksgiving.

Thanks, Trent!  A genuine pleasure getting to know you!





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