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Why You Won That Audition

You were in the groove. Your audio chain was tweaked to the optimum. You were feeling the words. But you never heard back from the prospect. Here’s why.

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Memorize for Success

You’re an actor, right? What do actors do when faced with lines they must deliver for their performance?

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Where/How to Find the Best Voiceover Jobs

The truth about Voiceover “jobs” We call them “jobs”, but in reality they’re opportunities, and either we capitalize on them or we don’t. We fit the sound in the prospective client’s ear, or we don’t.  We prove our worth... read more

Old School

We have more technology in our smartphones than NASA scientists had access to when Apollo 11 went to the Moon. ‘Perfect example? Inside the control room where they are recreating the console setup. What are these things? (See arrow).... read more


Johnson Space Center in Houston. ‘Shooting a documentary on their rebuilding of the Apollo 11 console room. CourVO read more

Hawk Talk

John Hawkins is a smart guy, a Las Vegan, and now a podcaster. How lucky am I to be on his program!

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Advice Avalanche

People wanna know. They have questions. What’s the secret to VO marketing? How do I get clients? Well, there’s marketing wisdom. Then there’s you.

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Travel Day

Baltimore, here we come! McCarran airport in Las Vegas is still the only airport I’ve traveled through that has slot machines right in the gate area. CourVO read more

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