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Pinterest Videos

Pinterest is starting to look a lot more like Instagram. Videos being allowed is one big reason why.

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Referral Etiquette

Paying it forward and mentoring can be fulfilling… and a time suck. There’s s little concept called “kickback” that deserves some attention.

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….. And I’ll be so, so busy packing & driving a U-Haul for few days. I’ll try to post as I go along. Thank you for your readership and your loyalty. I WILL return. CourVO ….and read more

Just Do The Work

This stuff is not rocket surgery…but just in case you missed one of the most basic tenets of success, read on.

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Why You Won That Audition

You were in the groove. Your audio chain was tweaked to the optimum. You were feeling the words. But you never heard back from the prospect. Here’s why.

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