VO Business

Voice Over Business

Do You Know Craig?

Is Craigslist a viable means to find voice-over jobs?…or to post your services to get jobs? Not just any jobs…GOOD-PAYING VO jobs. Seeking your responses to my query.

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…Just Days

WoVOCon Registration Deadline at Current Price (then $50 more) Day(s) : Hour(s) : Minute(s) : Second(s) Not to beat a dead horse… but to beat the deadline and attend one of the best VO conferences of the year, you’re down to a matter of days and hours.... read more

Oh, the Opportunities You Could Be Missing!

Christian Kolberg used to work for the local newspaper publisher.  Then he realized he had a knack for auctioneering.  That’s him to the right, and him with me on the far right at the recent “Chefs for Kids” Gala fundraiser…dressed as... read more


Playing is right!!! I mentioned yesterday in my blog that I was going to be using a new DiVi editor to compose blog posts. What you see here are some of the elementary things I’ve done with Divi’s intuitive visual editor, having looked at only 1 or 2... read more

MXL DX-2 Mic Review

People read my blog who I don’t even know.  Usually it’s a good thing. Take David G Beneke for instance; an audiobook narrator, and a geek like me when it comes to audio hardware (only his expertise vastly supersedes mine). Beneke sent me an email a few... read more

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