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Hawk Talk

John Hawkins is a smart guy, a Las Vegan, and now a podcaster. How lucky am I to be on his program!

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Advice Avalanche

People wanna know. They have questions. What’s the secret to VO marketing? How do I get clients? Well, there’s marketing wisdom. Then there’s you.

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Travel Day

Baltimore, here we come! McCarran airport in Las Vegas is still the only airport I’ve traveled through that has slot machines right in the gate area. CourVO read more

Your Legacy

… is not built in a day. ‘not worried about that? Good for you. I wonder about it sometimes…the footprint I’m leaving, the relationships I’m nurturing, and whether I’ve made a difference. Why THAT concern now? In Missouri, for the... read more

Centrance Mixerface R4 Adds Mics

The well-received Centrance Mixerface R4 adds two Centrance-designed pivot mics. Centrance’s Michael Goodman explains in an interview from the NAB floor.

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