Which Will it Be?

A never-ending flow of VO newcomers prompts a familiar compensation debate.
Where do you stand?

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What Are You Saying?

You.  The seasoned pro.  You, the experienced voice-actor.  You, the knowledgeable and worldly audio producer. What are you saying when you’re approached by someone who shows the proper respect, passion, drive, and sense-to-ask-the-right-question... read more

Analogy Apology

Despite some really good discussion generated by my blog yesterday — Ostrich or Coyote? — I think it was a weak device for me to use to make my point.  I even said so IN the article: “…I’m not going to go too far with this... read more

Interested in Making $1,500?

Sure! But what if you knew for a fact that the $1500 voiceover job being posted was for: a major national advertiser all media use for 1 year included multiple versions In other words, what if you knew that recording the spot was actually worth much more than the rate... read more