A Cruise Into Murky Waters

On the surface, the job looks to be lucrative, until you start doing the math. An audition that is wrong on so many levels.

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What Are You Saying?

You.  The seasoned pro.  You, the experienced voice-actor.  You, the knowledgeable and worldly audio producer. What are you saying when you’re approached by someone who shows the proper respect, passion, drive, and sense-to-ask-the-right-question... read more

Analogy Apology

Despite some really good discussion generated by my blog yesterday — Ostrich or Coyote? — I think it was a weak device for me to use to make my point.  I even said so IN the article: “…I’m not going to go too far with this... read more

Interested in Making $1,500?

Sure! But what if you knew for a fact that the $1500 voiceover job being posted was for: a major national advertiser all media use for 1 year included multiple versions In other words, what if you knew that recording the spot was actually worth much more than the rate... read more

Remember Your First VO Job?

Now…do you remember what you got paid for it? I do:  $25…and I was on cloud nine! Would l do that same job today for that rate?  No way.  Then would I have gotten the experience if I HADN’T TAKEN the $25? Probably not. This is ever... read more

Gold in the VoiceOver Frontier

Philosophical differences are the toughest ones.  Just ask the Democrats and Republicans.  Both sides are forgetting that the people across the aisle are proud Americans…who see a possible future that’s different from the opposing... read more