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It shouldn’t be a secret, but let’s face it, a simple Google search for “voice over actor” won’t cut it.

Since you’re here, let me give you a personal referral to a guy I know.  😉

I worked on-camera in television for decades and as a voice over artist for a good portion of that time. I’m accomplished in commercials, promos, eLearning, corporate narrations, audiobooks, explainer videos, and the list goes on.

After moving to Las Vegas to work for CBS in 2003, I doubled down on voice acting in Vegas! I helped hundreds of clients since then. I helped guide and mentor up-and-coming voice acting talent. This challenges me to continually improve with my peers in VO.

There are lots of very talented freelance voice actors out there. I know, I am friends with many of them!

So if you are looking to find a voice actor, I’d love to talk with you and see how I can deliver!

If not, you’ll get a quick referral to someone who can fit the bill for you.

Voice Over Video Demo

Voice Over Video Demo

…You will have no doubts when it comes to hiring Dave to work with you on your voiceover projects…

...professional, passionate and personable…

…Dave has the pipes, the experience, the knowledge, the technical expertise, integrity and commitment to provide your voice over and recording needs quickly and professionally…

…Dave makes it look easy…

…one of the most professional, hard-working, and conscientious persons I've ever known…

…If you are searching for someone who has the "get it done right attitude" then Dave is your guy….

…Dave has the kind of voice that just exudes trust…

…an extraordinary VO talent and has a sincere interest in the highest quality work and strong personal ethics in this business…

…his performance is so natural there is little doubt in my mind that this was not his career... it was his calling…

…a guy that you'd be crazy not to hire!...

…his warmth and personality provided a welcome relief from "boring" corporate presenters…

…takes direction well, is consistently high-quality and on deadline, and is a consummate pro…

Best Ways to Reach Dave:

  • Attach your voice over script or copy to me in an email in .pdf or .doc form — or in the body of the email.
  • What is your deadline, or turn-around time you need this project done?
  • Do you want a .wav or an .mp3 file?
  • Please give me a hint about the style of read you want.
I do phone patch on Skype:   COURVO  (or dial 702-997-3202)
I can connect with you on:
Source-Connect Standard
Source-Connect NOW
Dave Courvoisier
  • What type of VO project will this be?

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American Male Voice Over Artist


Dave works full time from a professional voice over studio in Vegas. He specializes in voice overs for commercials. Dave is the voice of Radio & TV spots, lots of them! He also writes copy for these spots as needed. Dave studies & analyzes hours and hours of voice commercials. He learned from the best. He mentors and coaches up and coming voice over artists. He is President of the World Voices Organization.


Dave knows what it takes to catch the eyes and ears of viewers and listeners.


The Voice seals the Deal in a TV commercial


TV Ad campaigns can be complex. Sure, the pictures are what grab you, but the voice explains it.


The human voice can be the emotional hook in a TV ad to “seal the deal”. A voice artist experienced in subtle psychological approaches can deliver that emotional hook.


Looking for a professional voice actor for an elearning, online course?


Instructional designers learn quick, nothing replaces the nuance of a human voice. That goes double for an artist, who makes sense out of tough-to-read copy.


An eLearner can SEE and HEAR the important points of the presentation if delivered by a pro voice. Training dollars are too vital to squander on anything that doesn’t get through. Great voice artists help you train your employees we don’t put them to sleep.


Extensive eLearning voice experience ready to help with your next project


Dave narrates THOUSANDS OF HOURS of eLearning courses. He covers every specialty possible: medical, technical, corporate, accounting, software, hardware, and more.  


Those courses help major Forbes 100 and international companies. They help plenty of strong up-and-comers too advance too!


Searching for the right voice acting professional for a TV Narration production?


You found the perfect person to voice your TV or documentary project…a guy who’s been in TV for more than 35 years!


Imagine how an Emmy award-winning broadcaster could help your broadcast project connect


Dave knows how to connect with an audience. Hundreds of thousands of viewers preferred hearing Dave’s voice on the News. Your next broadcast project can benefit too!


Looking for a voice actor to voice that TV Trailer or Teaser or Sneak Peak?


Dave understands the needs of promo directors, or production managers like an insider.


He worked inside TV for 35 years!


You need it NOW, and you need it PERFECTLY, and you don’t want to hold someone’s hand through a lot of takes.  You need someone reliable and dependable…all the time…on a moment’s notice.


Need a professional voice actor for an auto dealership?


What does it take to keep a vibrant auto dealership or franchise humming?


It takes constant, quality ads delivered by someone with a savvy voice. Successful auto dealers are at the vanguard of advertising. There is no better example of fast-paced marketing in the free world.


Dave brings the knowledge, the pipes, the dependability and audience understanding. He’s worked with many dealership campaigns. 


He is available to help hammer away at new ads every week, every few days…heck… every DAY if need be.


Voice demos for lots of auto dealerships and brands are available on demand.


Finding the right human voice for a business voicemail greeting for your company?


On-Hold messaging is a real art.


True voice professionals understand the fine balance between courtesy and imparting valuable information.


Done right, on-hold phone messaging can be a real asset to your business.  


So, don’t use Muzak, or a synthetic voice.  


Get Dave!…a real human to keep your customers on the line, or to deliver a valuable message to your callers.


Need a Professional Voice Actor for corporate voice over projects?


  • Need corporate explainer videos narrated?
  • Need narration for a key PowerPoint presentation?
  • Looking for the right voice for an award-show event?
  • Need a VO artist for Instructional projects, someone that connects?


Dave has done it, is doing it for clients and can deliver great the results!


Above all, Dave helps clients who need


  1. a reliable business partner who understands their needs, and
  2. a professional, who is immediately responsive and dependable.  


Please ask for a list of current and past satisfied customers.  


How to contact Dave for voice over projects


Call or email Dave direct. Or if you prefer, reach out through his representatives.