About Dave Courvoisier & CourVO.com

About Dave

A rich, malleable baritone that’s even, conversational and consistent. Adept at discerning the author’s intent. Commercial voices, character voices, and narrations for all applications, projects and presentations that require voice excellence.

  • 30 years voice and on cam experience
  • Private studio for quick turnaround
  • ISDN, Source-Connect, FTP, Skype, phone patch
  • A reputation built on honesty & integrity


Why you get a good voice-actor, AND a good businessman when you hire CourVO.com for your next project.

They say true Midwesterners are coveted for speaking positions, because their delivery is unaffected by accents, twangs, regionalisms, or nagging dialects.

If that’s true, Dave fits the bill. He was brought up on an honest-to-goodness crop farm in Central Illinois, and aside from being gifted with a good speaking voice, Dave understands the ethic of hard work and persistence.


  • Graduated Greenville, IL High School 1970
  • University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana 1970-1975
  • Bachelor’s in Education Phys.Ed/Biology
  • Graduate School, Univ of IL 1975-1977
  • MS in Exercise Physiology
  • Graduated KIIS Broadcasting Workshop, Los Angeles 1979
  • KCCC Radio, Carlsbad, NM 1979-1980
  • KEXO Radio, Grand Jct. CO 1980-1981
  • KJCT-TV (ABC) Grand Jct., CO 1981
  • WLFI-TV (CBS), W. Lafayette, IN 1981
  • KFVS-TV (CBS), Cape Girardeau, MO 1981-1984
  • WFMY-TV (CBS), Greensboro, NC 1984-1985
  • KVBC-TV (NBC), Las Vegas, NV 1985-1998
  • (back to) KFVS-TV, Cape Girardeau, MO 1998-2003
  • KLAS-TV (CBS), Las Vegas, NV 2003 to present

Studio Info

Mics:  Sennheiser MKH-416 & Neumann TLM 103
Audio Interface:  Apollo Duo Twin USB
Digital Audio Workstation: Adobe Audition CC 2017
Connections:  Source-Connect, ipDTL, ConnectionOpen, Skype phone patch
Large-file uploads and Cloud service integration