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Need a professional voice actor for an eLearning project?

Looking for a professional voice actor for an online course or online training event?

A well-crafted eLearning project deserves a professional human voice to deliver the goods.

In this huge and growing marketplace, instructional designers should know that nothing replaces the nuance of a human voice making sense out of tough-to-read copy.  With the right pro voice, the eLearner both SEES and HEARS the important points of the presentation

I’ve narrated THOUSANDS OF HOURS of eLearning courses in every specialty possible: medical, technical, corporate, accounting, software, hardware, and more.  Those courses were for major Forbes 100 and international companies, and plenty of strong up-and-comers too.

You’ll hear that reflected in the eLearning demo when you play it:  Microsoft, Price Waterhouse, Pepsi.

Contact me directly (702-610-6288)  or reach out through my representatives about hiring a professional voice actor for your eLearning project, lesson, course today.

Have questions or something unique in mind?

Let’s figure out how to make the solution that is right for your online production.


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