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Looking for a professional voice actor for your next commercial?

Need a voice over professional for a TV Commercial or a Radio commercial?

Commercials – Spots – Ads…whatever you call ’em, you mostly HEAR them on Radio & TV, but you don’t hear them without the presence of a voice-actor.

That’s what I do! 

I AM the voice of Radio & TV spots.  Lots of ’em!

I don’t just “do” commercials, I study them, I listen to them, I analyze them.  I’ve taken hours ‘n’ hours of coaching to learn how to voice-act for advertising.  I write copy myself for clients, and know what it takes to catch the ear of listeners and viewers.

A successful ad campaign on TV is a different animal.  Sure, the pictures are what grab you, but the voice explains it.  Through subtle psychological approaches, the human voice can be the emotional hook in a TV ad that “seals the deal”.  You might notice that on the “Children’s Hospital” or “Milkbone” segment in my commercial demo.

How many TV ads have I witnessed?  More than most, believe it or not.  My 35+ years in TV broadcasting gives me the authority to say that.

Contact me directly or reach out through my representatives about hiring a professional voice for your next commercial today.


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