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Looking for a voice actor to voice that TV Trailer or Teaser or Sneak Peak?

Need a great TV Promo by a professional voice over artist?

Who better to deliver your hottest new promo,
than a guy who’s been in TV for more than 35+ years?

As the Emmy Award-winning on-air talent for a major market CBS-affiliated station, I grew to understand just exactly what catches viewers ears.  And believe me when I tell you that I understand from an insider’s perspective your needs of a promo director, or production manager.  You need it NOW, and you need it PERFECTLY, and you don’t want to hold someone’s hand through a lot of takes.  You need someone reliable and dependable…all the time…on a moment’s notice.  I get it.  

Now, YOU get ME!

Take a listen to the demos above for major network programs, and then give me a call (702-610-6288) to arrange some studio time right now.

Contact me directly or reach out through my representatives about and we can get started on your Promo, get it ready, get it done right. Contact me today!


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If you are ready or have questions, please reach out.

You can expect a quick and professional response. We can review your script or requirements and get started.

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