Blog Snow Day Go ahead… Call me a wimp. Snowing in Vegas Wednesday night. ‘Second time this week. I think in the nearly 30 years I’ve lived here, I’ve seen this happen maybe 5 times? Now twice in one...
FACE-ing Facts

FACE-ing Facts

Face Forward Everything you do online for your VO business:  Demos, Blogs, Twitter posts, FaceBook updates, profiles, newsletters…even email signatures should have a picture preferably a good picture of your FACE. I used to sit on the fence on this...
Relational Diplomacy, Part 2: Epic Fail

Relational Diplomacy, Part 2: Epic Fail

A Diplomacy “How (not) To”  Today brings the unexpected follow-up to yesterday’s blog.  Many of you responded favorably to my suggestion that relational humility might be the best tack to disarm your antagonist.Thanks! Then, Monday, I had...

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