Seward’s Folly

Seward’s Folly

With the Civil War barely over, reconstruction underway, and USA coffers empty, Secretary of State William Seward proposed buying the Alaska territory from Russia.  The year was 1867, and the sale would cost 7.2-million dollars.  Pocket change for Jeff Bezos! Despite...

Beating VO Burnout: A Dozen Ways

You’ll find it right there in the Voice Over Dictionary: VO Fatigue:  “…a psycho/physiological syndrome exhibited by the accumulative stress and exhaustion resulting from the endless pursuit of freelance voice over success…” We’ve all been there.  The syndrome strikes...

Old School

We have more technology in our smartphones than NASA scientists had access to when Apollo 11 went to the Moon. ‘Perfect example? Inside the control room where they are recreating the console setup. What are these things? (See arrow)....


Johnson Space Center in Houston. ‘Shooting a documentary on their rebuilding of the Apollo 11 console room. CourVO
Social Media:  Hollow Marketing Promise?

Social Media: Hollow Marketing Promise?

Hard to believe I joined Twitter 12 years ago.  I feel practically ancient. Reluctantly, for me, a profile on Facebook came shortly thereafter followed quickly by a LinkedIn account. Those are still some of the foundational social media platforms. Lord knows of the...

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