Trucks Are Taking Over

On this little trip to move my daughter to Maryland from Texas… We’ve been mostly on I-40 across America. … And since Dallas I think I’ve counted only 2,445,616 Semi’s. They rule the road… And take no prisoners. Watch out! A...

Cold & Rainy…

… And I’m supposed to spend all day loading a U-haul trailer out in the elements. I’m a fair weather Las Vegas guy who is NOT used to this kind of climatological abuse! ‘Moving my daughter out of a 3rd-floor apt (in the rain) in Ft. Worth, TX,...
‘Surveyed Out!

‘Surveyed Out!

Customer service is important. So is keeping metrics on quality control. But have you noticed lately how those two concepts have teamed-up to attack your sensibilities? You can’t even clip your toenails without SOMEONE asking if you could fill out a (always)...

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