Bad Guys

They’re At It Again

Voice actors can be a trusting lot. Our community is supportive, but scammers are unscrupulous. Herewith, ANOTHER warning about an old fraud.

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Slippery Slope

Some voice actors think it’s alarmist when a hue and cry goes up against ever-plunging compensation rates.  “The free market will adjust,” they say.  “The Global economy is driving a correction,” is another thing mentioned.  Or even,... read more

Why You Should Never Use Upwork, Ever

That is the title of a blog I want you to read. It’s not my blog…but the report from a person was doing quite well on UpWork.  Until. If you haven’t heard of Upwork, maybe you’ve heard of Fiverr, ODesk, Thumbtack, Elance, or about a dozen other... read more

Tape + Webcam = Security?

Last week, several online social media outlets ran the picture of Zuck hamming it up for the camera in an Instagram promotion:Of course, thinking this must be the FB founder’s business desk, geeks started REALLY examining this photo closer, and noticed that MZ... read more

5 Ways to Protect Yourself From VO Scammers

…and not just “Nigerian Princes”. I’m talking about predatory coaches and weekend demo mills too.Fraud and trust-betrayals are endemic to the modern world.  Gone are the days of leaving your front door unlocked, letting your kids play down the... read more

Did You Get This Too?

Ya can’t make up this stuff.Apparently, it’s not enough what the big P2Ps are doing these days to destroy any hope of maintaining a respectable ratings structure for making a living at voice-acting.  Now the also-rans are chiming in.Let’s not even... read more

5 Ways to Spot Predatory VO Demo Coaches/Schools

Believe me, I know this topic has been ballyhooed, broadcast, and blogged-about for years…but apparently it bears repeating. Yesterday, I got an email from a respected voice over training studio in NYC warning again of the actions of scammy demo mills taking... read more

VO Scam folo

Members of the VO community were quick to add their experiences with the fraudulent client mentioned in the “VO Scammer” blog article from a couple of days ago. Sherril Stewart of even dug a little deeper, and had the following info on the... read more

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