Tape + Webcam = Security?

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webcam eyeLast week, several online social media outlets ran the picture of Zuck hamming it up for the camera in an Instagram promotion:


Of course, thinking this must be the FB founder’s business desk, geeks started REALLY examining this photo closer, and noticed that MZ had tape over the webcam and mic input on his laptop.

Telegraph article

Guardian article

In case you didn’t know, this majority owner of the most successful social media platform on the planet was recently hacked, and indeed, there must be any number of DAILY attempts on his personal devices, so who could blame him for taking security precautions?

But it immediately begs the question as to whether YOU should do something similar.  Mac or Windows machines are vulnerable.  Hackers can commandeer your webcam, your mic, heck — your entire computer without you knowing if you aren’t careful.  (BTW this can happen to your smartphone cam too).

The early consensus, then, as to whether Joe/Jane 6-pack should cover his/her webcam, too?


How to protect yourself.

How this all related to voice-over?  Look, we all use our mics through our computers alla time, every day.  Many of us use our webcams, too, for calls, phone-patches, webinars, etc.  Would you really want some of your unintended off-hand comments being made public?  I wouldn’t.

How do I handle it?  I turn off all my computers when I’m not using them.  Laptops I fold shut.  That kinda keeps hackers out of my business in general….well….most of ’em anyway.  🙂




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