New Paradigms

…a Bit TOO Brit

Is that possible? Could people in the UK be falling out of love with the Queen’s English?

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Update: A-I Voices

No, they won’t stop trying.
Here’s a current update on the latest artificial intelligence voice technology.

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Inbred Myopia

Def: The losses you suffer by focusing TOO much on your profession.
How to mitigate the losses.

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4 Reasons for VO Agility in a Changing World

We don’t see it because we’re so wrapped up in it…part of it…causing it.  The pell mell pace of change.  No other generation in the history of humankind on this earth has fallen victim to the opportunity and the pitfalls of... read more

The Scary Thing About Change…

…is that it happens all around us every second…but we can scarcely see it. The best analogy is the claim that the world is flat.  The view from space proves that theory wrong.  Conversely, hindsight proves the theory of change is... read more

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