A virus is not even a living thing.

That’s right… most biologists agree that viruses do not meet the minimum requirements to be called “alive” (bacteria are).  They are merely strands of renegade DNA.

That makes all these statements about “killing” the virus, useless. We need to kill the SPREAD of the virus.  And we need to keep it from taking over our national psyche and our personal mindset. 

Then, there’s the reality…

I’m trying real hard here not to take today’s blog down a path of partisan politics.  No need to go there.

Whether the virus is alive or not is moot.  It kills, and it’s scary, and it seems unstoppable, and it’s got us all in a funk – worldwide.

But as with most challenges at the population level, what we do as individuals makes a difference, especially in our own lives, but to the greater societal good as well.

This is not a pep talk. This blog is the result of numerous conversations with family, friends, and work colleagues who are feeling angry, helpless, depressed, and/or beaten.

Personally, I’m too optimistically stubborn to let this all get to me.  I also have a strong defiant and rebellious streak.  But I don’t recognize some of the people I see or talk to anymore.  They seem beaten, overwhelmed and beyond frustrated.

Can you relate?

Humans are relational, so to be told we should not congregate, gather, join, or even be close, is maddening. It’s the very thing that gets us through other crises, yet here we are…and in the most relational time of year around the holidays.

Counseling services are over-booked.  Suicides are up.  So are gun sales.  You could go down that path, or you could posture on Facebook if it makes you feel better, but all this reminds me of the man who came across his friend hitting himself in the head with a hammer.  “Why are you doing that?” he asks.  His friend answered, “Because it feels so good when I stop.”

The rule of recovery

Happy hour is only sweet when you’ve worked hard.

Buying yourself something only feels good when you’ve earned it.

A friend seems so much closer when you’ve walked through the fire together.

There IS light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s a GLORIOUS light.

Birthdays/weddings/reunions will be so much more bright.  Churches will be fuller. Stadiums will pulsate with fans. and yes, Las Vegas will vibrate with a new energy of sold-out rooms.

Can you hold on?

Can you make it through?

‘Cause you’re going to want to be around for the rebound.  You’ll feel more alive than ever.  You’ll engage in life with a new energy.

Till then, I’ll just mention a few of the bedrock sanithy-saving suggestions you’ll find in a million places online:

  1. Sleep, bathe, shave, eat healthy, take your vitamins, brush your teeth, and exercise.
  2. Find time for yourself.  Yes, I know COVID isolation forces you into alone-ness…but CHOOSE to be alone for healthy, introspective, mindfullness time.
  3. Relate as best you can.  Phone calls, Facetime, Zoom, lunch-at-a-distance, emails, postcards, little gifts to others, and touching those who you know to be safe.
  4. Let it out.  A bad attitude makes everything worse.  Telling someone, anyone… is cathartic.
  5. Exercise. You could put this up there with #1, but it’s special.  I recommend open-air exercise, and don’t wear a mask.
  6. Do something mindless that you enjoy every day: video-games, knitting, watching “I Love Lucy” reruns. or playing the guitar.

There’s more.  What’s your favorite way to take care of yourself and survive COVID?  Please add your comments below.

I’m rooting or you.  I’m rooting for US.





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