Couldn’t Have Said it Better!

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Compensation

There’s little room for straight neutrality in today’s VO marketplace.

And even if you take the brave stand for decent rates, and give lip-service to “doing the right thing for our profession”, it’s still the minority who puts action to their words.

But not the VO Agent Alliance.  This group of mostly talent agents and industry stalwarts organized quickly after the sell-off of VoiceBank, made it clear what they stood for, and continue to take action to back it up.

Their most recent statement says it all.  I heartily agree.  As co-founder and President of World-Voices Organization, I daresay we are in virtual lockstep with VAA’s philosophical heart.

Please read their take-no-prisoners statement to fellow agents, and then send it on to YOUR agent.

Hey, if Dave Courvoisier, the son of a Swiss immigrant, can find a way to NOT be neutral about this, then you can too! 🙂 





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