$70 for 10,000 Words & 2 Hours Work

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The new low.

I answered an add for narrators.  The pitch was for regular, frequent narrations, so the volume looked good, but when I saw the details, I shuddered.

$70 per 10,000 words non-fiction and $90 per 10,000 words fiction.

10,000 words works out to about an hour’s narration (divide by 160wpm for standard narration rates in minutes, then divide that by 60 to get hours).

But wait, there’s more!  HotGhostWriter wants to funnel everything through the ACX interface, and adhere to all their production standards.  That’s fine, but that means the hour narration still needs to be edited and mastered.  Add another hour MINIMUM.  So, now, we’re up to 2 hours of work for $70.

Worth it? 


Not in a million years. 

I’ll take those two hours and apply it to finding some REAL clients who appreciate my talent, my equipment, my time, my experience, my expertise, and my dedication to my profession. 

If I have to stoop to rates like that, it’s time to chuck this profession and any integrity I hope to have to sleep at night.










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