Some people are not gonna want to hear this.

Others know it, but don’t practice it.

Still others know it, and WANT to do it, but procrastinate.

I’ve blogged about this before, and it’s a bedrock, foundational belief of mine. But then again, I grew up on a farm where chores were a way of life, and routines were numbing.


Do the work.

Just do the work.

Discipline, fortitude, repetition, and determination.

the task before you bears hidden secrets that are only revealed when you do the work. Click To Tweet

Yes…it’s all cliche’ and predictable, and you’ve heard it before, but until you do the work, you won’t know the results it can bring.

No matter what your occupation/job/endeavour, AT SOME POINT there will be work that’s like a mountain to climb. It looms there in front of you.  It dares you to succumb and turn away.  

Don’t turn away… because the task before you bears hidden secrets that are only revealed when you do the work.

In TV news it was as mundane as logging a boring interview, complete with time codes; or traipsing out in 110-degree heat to do a live shot at a drunk-driving accident.

In Voice acting, it can be sifting through podcasts, seminars, and webinars for THE nugget; or it can be the 20th take on an iffy audition so you get it just right.

WHATEVER it is you find yourself shirking from, putting off, postponing, rationalizing away, or justifying by inaction…THAT’s the thing you should do.  Grind it out.

One caveat: do the work on the thing that needs doing.  In other words, you can do the hard work on audiobook narrations, but if you really have a goal of doing video game voices, then you’re doing wasted work.

So, be smart. 


THEN apply. 

People ask why I left a cool job in TV news.  They ask why I don’t coach VO.

Nah….  I just want to do the work of voice-acting.

Finally, I can focus on doing the pure work of voice acting.





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