Cipriano Career Consulting

Ha!..and you thought he was only a pretty face! OK, so maybe you thought he was just one of those uber-successful and ubiquitous network promo voices. You’d be right on both counts, but you also know there’s a depth and a generosity to Joe Cipriano that... read more

Job or Career?

That’s a fine distinction, but much like a mission statement, or a business plan, once you’ve decided the career v. job conundrum – and commit to it — everything flows from it. There is no right answer…and the two are not... read more

Joe Cipriano: Living On Air

What most shapes your life? Luck?  Opportunity?  People? …or does your own attitude, drive, and mettle set the tone? In his new autobiography: Living On Air, Joe Cipriano finds the appropriate place for all those factors, but his personal compass... read more

Where Will VO Take You?

Funny, the things that develop along the way to your success in voice-acting. Among the unexpected tangents that shot off my main vector:  Social Media, audiobooks, blogging, and more. I love seeing what happens in others’ careers too. Take Ashley Russo,... read more

Making a Fortune

Most of us don’t realize how far and wide the profession of voice acting ranges until we brush up against some new sector in the business. Let me tell you a little back-tale to get where I’m going. “Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy” is one of the... read more

Having Faith

‘Nothing I love better than digging around the internet, and finding stories from local newspapers about my friends in VoiceOver. A couple of years ago, I first came across the name Kelley Buttrick this way.  The December 2010 article about her in the... read more

Big Name Hollywood Voice Over Babylon

Al Pacino is about as big as it gets in tinsel-town. He’s never done a voice-over role before…and now he continues in that deficit… although it was close. Pacino was all set to be the voice of the villain Eduardo in the animated film Despicable Me... read more

Grammy’s Live Announcer

During the Grammy’s last night I spent more than hour on the web seeking the name of the (obviously accomplished) live female announcer on CBS for the big show. The frustrating search turned up nothing (and I’m pretty good at this). I checked all... read more

The Niche Itch

Certain people can play just about any instrument they get their hands on.  They’re musical prodigies. Some voice actors I know run the spectrum of possibilities, too.  They can do gaming voices, commercials, e-Learning, audiobooks, promo’s and... read more

Oscars’ Female Voice

Finding an article about Melissa Disney announcing at the 84th Oscars Award show (as promised in yesterday’s blog) has proven to be difficult.  Maybe it’s because she’s just a perennial shoe-in for jobs like this. Disney (yes, she’s... read more

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