Would You Recommend This Book?

Next year, I’m finally going to do what so many have been urging me to do.  In fact, it’s in the works as we speak. I’m going to publish the best of my blog into a book.  Probably 3 books by the time I’m done. Wow!  THREE BOOKS?!!! Here’s... read more

Joe Cipriano: Living On Air

What most shapes your life? Luck?  Opportunity?  People? …or does your own attitude, drive, and mettle set the tone? In his new autobiography: Living On Air, Joe Cipriano finds the appropriate place for all those factors, but his personal compass always wins the... read more

6 Figure VO Business

Anyone who can maintain a 12-hour-a-day voice-over business, a separate side business, have some semblance of a family life AND complete a book …deserves an “attaboy”. Attaboy, Bill DeWees!!! You have probably seen any of Bill’s 100+ YouTube... read more

Get Legal

Robert Sciglimpaglia’s been regularly knocking down VO milestones since he seriously began acting in 2005.  His most recent coup was as a principal character in a Super Bowl ad (Chevy Happy Grad). Clearly, being on stage, on cam, and behind the mic is his... read more

Splitting Hairs

What’s a fair price for earnest work? The quibbling over that simple question can cost you money if things aren’t laid out clearly from the outset.  Now I understand why some Voice actors demand a contract, and at least some pay up front. Here’s a real-life... read more

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