Visit This Site If You Want Work Reading AudioBooks

by | Mar 17, 2009 | Books


This may not be a big secret at all to many of you, but it probably bears repeating or mentioning every once in a while.

The AUDIOBOOK PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION is the site to visit to get a bead on this industry.  An industry, which by all accounts is rather eclectic, a bit introspective, and certainly provincial and proprietary.  Not in a bad way.  It's just always been sort of a small and close-knit group, now protecting its own in a wave of growth and interest like never before.

I've been told to really get your foot in the door with these people, you need to "hang out" at their parties, go to their awards ceremonies, visit the forums, comment on their blogs, and….hey!…that's a good formula for getting in good with about any society.

Regardless, the site is full of good info, and if you want to join, there is a special category for narrators.




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