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by | May 21, 2013 | Books

dewees2Anyone who can maintain a 12-hour-a-day voice-over business, a separate side business, have some semblance of a family life AND complete a book …deserves an “attaboy”.

Attaboy, Bill DeWees!!!

You have probably seen any of Bill’s 100+ YouTube “how to” videos on the subject of building your voiceover business.  Bill is the poster boy for voice over success, and he loves mentoring, teaching, and coaching voice actors…which means we’re all the beneficiaries of his abundant spirit.

Now, he’s produced a book that summarizes much of what you would learn by watching all those videos (not that you shouldn’t see them…they’re great!).

The book is called:  HOW TO START AND BUILD A 6 FIGURE VOICE OVER BUSINESS. It’s available on Amazon.6figurecom.

Buying the book automatically gives you back the free audio download:  “7 Secrets to a 6 Figure Voice Over Income” (gold).

The book has chapters like:

“Office Tools for Professional Voice Over Talent”
“Workflow in your Six Figure VoiceOver Studio”
“Marketing Execution for Voice Over Success”

I’ve known Bill for some time now, and I can unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend this book.  I’m getting nothing for this endorsement but the satisfaction of spreading Bill’s good word.

Bill is the authentic article.  He genuinely enjoys helping people, and raising the bar for voice actors to the all-around betterment of our business.

As I mentioned in my testimonial on the back cover of the book:  “Bill offers a treasure-chest of hard-won experience, here, because he believes in mentoring.  Lucky us!”




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