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by | Dec 27, 2013 | Books

publishNext year, I’m finally going to do what so many have been urging me to do.  In fact, it’s in the works as we speak.

I’m going to publish the best of my blog into a book.  Probably 3 books by the time I’m done.


Here’s the math:  2013 completes my 6th year of writing a Voice-Over blog.  I began in January of 2008.  I have achieved almost total success in my early goal of writing one blog a day / 5 days a week.

So far, I’ve written 2317 blogs.

More math:  Many of the blogs are obsolete within days of writing them, some within months, and others are mere conjecture or commentary.  Still, there are enough articles to pen 3 books of approx. 150 pages each on the following topics:  Social Media Tips, Equipment-Hardware-Software, and Advice/Resources for Newcomers.

I’m starting with the advice Book, and a working title of “IT TAKES MORE THAN A GOOD VOICE TO DO VOICEOVERS”.  I’ll likely e-publish first, and if it’s well-received, I’ll publish a print version too.

Where am I finding the time to do this?  I’m not really.  I’m hiring an extremely accomplished Virtual Assistant to work on it for me.  She claims I’m the easiest book she’s shepherded through the process, because all she had to do was collate, organize, and dress it up a little (she’s too modest).

In 2013 alone, I’ve blogged the following articles that are likely to appear in one of the books.  When Derek Chappell asked me to choose my fave blog for his end-of-the-year list, I got to looking, and realized there’s some really good stuff here!

So here’s my question?  Would YOU buy this book?  Download it?  Recommend it?  I hope so.  I’ll be asking an extremely modest price in hopes of recovering countless hours of work over the years.

I’m seeking testimonials for book promotions.  If you can think of ANYTHING good to say about my blog, let me know, or send your statement to me at [email protected].  Thanks!




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