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paceoflifeThis is the sad state of affairs in today’s world:  everything is cursory.

I’m speaking mostly of content, attention spans, and trends.  Nothing stands still.  Everything is always in transition.

Boy, that’s profound, Dave!…haven’t you ever heard that the only thing that’s constant is change?  Yes I have, actually, but it’s today’s PACE of change that astounds me.

Maybe that’s ’cause I’m so close to the world of Social Media, where information from a month ago is already out of style.  Unless you’re agile, your competition is running past you like a gazelle.

A post by Actress Cristina Baker Woods hit me.  On June 9th, she posted a reminder to update your SAG-AFTRA profile.  Apparently a booking agent had difficulty finding the right talent because she kept running across outdated material.

It set me to thinking of all the places I’ve spread my brand that could probably be spruced-up, or at least confirmed that the information is still timely.  Just as a quick catalyst to get your mind churning, see if there’s something in the checklist below that needs your attention for a refresh.

  • email signature
  • website demos
  • website contact information
  • P2P profile and current demos
  • agent demos-on-file
  • business card information
  • Feedburner RSS feed
  • FaceBook profile
  • Twitter bio
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • YouTube account information
  • ISDN listing on Digifon
  • Source-connect profile
  • latest contact info to steady clients
  • Google profile (for SEO)
  • Voice Registry / Voice Bank
  • Ex-Coaches know how to contact you?
  • cell phone answer greeting
  • Skype profile
  • Skype answer phone message
  • MailChimp or Constant Contact mailing lists
  • FaffCon organizers – do they know where to reach you?
  • VO-BB, CyberVoices, or other online VO forum
  • Dave in Boston’s Yahoo Group for VO’s
  • Organizations, Associations, and groups (eg.: APAC, WoVO, VU, SAG-AFTRA, MCA-I))
  • Pinterest account
  • Google Plus pictures and profile
  • Vendors (B&H, Sweetwater, BSW) for special sales
  • Google Voice
  • Online accounting software
  • Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, and other travel accounts
  • Meet-up and MasterMind Groups
  • your mom 🙂
  • Blog subscriptions
  • Talent Agencies contact info up-to-date?
  • Virtual assistants, audio editors, quality-control assistants, graphics designers
  • Friends database
  • Smartphone apps
  • Remote Computer control account
  • Cloud storage account
  • Website Hosting service
  • Information services, subscriptions to content services
  • SoundCloud account
  • Vimeo profile
  • Google analytics
  • rebelMouse, about.me, or flavors.me pages
  • headshots
  • Short Bio
  • Curriculum Vitae

What am I missing?  Please comment below, and I’ll add it to the list.




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  1. Jeremy Ryan

    New headshots! Thanks for the reminders, Dave! Now if only I had more time…

    • CourVO


      I added it to the list! Thanks for stopping by.

      Dave Courvoisier

      • Debbie Irwin

        Is ‘ahead of the curve’ now an oxymoron?
        Not only am I always finding new places to be, the old places want me to be new too.

        And to make matters worse, if I’m not mistaken, being FICORE means you have no AFTRA profile…. Looked at another way, that’s one less thing to update.

        So new?
        Back to my list of things to do.

  2. Sammy

    This is so true – thank you for including your refresh list. I’ll be sure to take a look at my own and update where necessary! Thank you!


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