12 Ways to Succeed in Your First Audition (the phone call)

Working on getting a new client?  You’ll never even get a chance to send her/him a demo unless you get past your first audition. Huh? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.  It goes back to the old saying…”You never get a second chance at a first impression”. That... read more

Where/How to Find the Best Voiceover Jobs

The truth about Voiceover “jobs” We call them “jobs”, but in reality they’re opportunities, and either we capitalize on them or we don’t. We fit the sound in the prospective client’s ear, or we don’t.  We prove our worth... read more

How to VOTE for VO

OK, the big mid-term election is over. Now time to focus on the party that matters: the VO Marketplace.

read more

A Disturbing Trend

Who can charge you for what? More and more entities in the chain of audio production and talent hiring are demanding money for what used to be free.
Here’s what you should do.

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Your VO Business Plan

When you figure it out,  share it with me, willya?  ‘Cause in all the years I’ve been after this VO thingy…I’ve never done one.  That might have something to do with the fact that I’m not pullling in near the revenue I should be, but so... read more

Farm It Out

This blog was going to be about your US Tax Form 1099 MISC, and how today was the deadline for getting it out to anybody you’ve paid more than $600 for contract services this year.  Similarly you should be getting a form 1099 from anyone who’s paid you... read more

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