A Disturbing Trend

Who can charge you for what? More and more entities in the chain of audio production and talent hiring are demanding money for what used to be free.
Here’s what you should do.

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Your VO Business Plan

When you figure it out,  share it with me, willya?  ‘Cause in all the years I’ve been after this VO thingy…I’ve never done one.  That might have something to do with the fact that I’m not pullling in near the revenue I... read more

Farm It Out

This blog was going to be about your US Tax Form 1099 MISC, and how today was the deadline for getting it out to anybody you’ve paid more than $600 for contract services this year.  Similarly you should be getting a form 1099 from anyone who’s paid... read more

Working YOUR Niche

Now that September is half over, I’m waxing nostalgic for the year that is slipping past. I often joke that I’m still trying to figure out where 1992 went, ’cause I can’t remember being IN that year…or what I did WITH it.  [But I... read more

When/What to ReTool?

Personally, I’m never too comfortable with the word “success”.  That means I’ve arrived, and that implies a certain stoppage of progress.  If you’ve “arrived”…then where do you go from there? [Well, I’m... read more

What’s in your [wallet] Signature?

We all know the importance of designing a useful signature for your professional VoiceOver emails. You know… that’s the info you include at the bottom of your email message.   Any email program worth its salt, let’s you design a custom... read more

Gold, Metrics, Scale

How many times has the topic come up here about hard numbers, hard facts, and metrics as it relates to your Voice Over business?  Hmmm? Remember The Pareto Principle article?  That’s the rule of 80/20 that keeps coming up everywhere.   I... read more

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