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Thank You Gabby!

A simple website with a plain and powerful message. Not everyone will agree with it, but I do, and maybe you should too?

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CourVO’s Zoho Memo

An online suite of applications with complimentary mobile apps, and all at a kickin’ price. Zoho’s new offering might just be what you’re looking for.

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Refresh After Fail

Yesterday’s blog “Refresh, Reboot, Refurbish, Renew” needed a little refreshing itself. Here’s why.

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Do You Know Craig?

Is Craigslist a viable means to find voice-over jobs?…or to post your services to get jobs? Not just any jobs…GOOD-PAYING VO jobs. Seeking your responses to my query.

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Royalty-Free Music Sites

Why would anyone ignore the advice of VO’s practicing lawyer Rob Sciglimpaglia? Not that anyone has, but may I underscore the importance of it these days?  There are endless touchpoints in your business where sound legal advice can keep you from a boatload... read more

Infographics? …meh

Our short-attention-span culture (and getting shorter), loves the infographic.  An easy-to-digest all-around summary of a particular topic in an eye-catching presentation. I’m not saying the info is usually wrong, it’s just too simplified.  In... read more


…by a new browser! Really?  I thought the browser wars were over and that Chrome had won. It did, but now there’s a better browser beating Chrome at its own game:  Vivaldi. It’s Chrome… only better, more customizable, faster, and... read more

Online Protections

My wife and I have this…ahem…”discussion” alla time about whether the internet has ultimately been good or bad for humankind. My position is that there is evidence to support both arguments equally. Which is to say this latest invention of... read more

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