Who will take over the tech world? (or the world in general):

  1. Google?
  2. Apple?
  3. Amazon?
  4. Microsoft?
  5. Huawai?

My money is on Google for now, but it’s a toss-up, really.

Even mighty Microsoft is throwing in the hat, and going with Google’s open-source Chromium software for its next browser iteration.  The Chromium Edge browser is out in Beta now, but should be released in a matter of days/weeks.

Another Chromium-based browser has been my fave for quite a while:  Vivaldi.

Both of those browsers, and many more: Opera, Station, and FireFox, are good on both Windows and Mac-based systems.  While they DO offer smartphone app versions of their browsers, most of the advances show up first on desktops and laptops.

Here’s why that’s changing dramatically and quickly:

Users are moving to mobile platforms by the millions.  An excellent indicator of that is to follow the ad dollars.  By 2022 Mobile will outpace desktop ad spending.

Perficient Digital’s analysis shows Mobile already garners 58% of web visits.

Here are 3 reasons why your VO business should be planning for this change:

Prospective clients will increasingly find you on their phone, not a desktop.  

Sure, they may be browsing on a laptop in the office, but more people hiring voice talent are on the move (esp. millenials who are now in positions to hire), and their smartphone is always with them.

Your website MUST be responsive, including the ability to play demos.

A responsive website is viewable on the smartphone and table OS’s as well as your desktop.  In fact you may want to design that website with MOBILE in mind first.

The market will expect you to be able to audition, edit, and send sound files on a smartphone or tablet.

Given time, this will come naturally, right?  I mean, you’re already using your smartphone for all kinds of things you USED to use your desktop for.  Heck, some things are now much easier to access on your smartphone than your laptop.  Time to get ahead of the curve, though.

Here are my recommendations for IOS and Android sound recording and editing software apps:

IOS:  Twisted Wave or WavePad

Android:  Hands down:  Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

All three are rich in functionality, but the Audio Evolution program is like ProTools on your smartphone (quote borrowed from Cliff Zellman).

Like most trends, this switch to mobile is already happening under our noses.  It doesn’t mean you should go out and sell your HP Laptop today, but it DOES mean you need to start adapting to the new mobile reality.

Oh, and my two cents?  If you ARE going to go buy the latest smartphone or tablet…go down to Best Buy, or even better: your local computer store.  Just don’t order it from Amazon…they have enough business already.  wink





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