Did You See What I Did There?

I miss a day of blogging, and ****BOOM**** alla sudden I got a new website! Do me a favor? Kick the tires, and let me know if you see any mistakes?…any gitches….anything that doesn’t look right? My developer Brett Bumeter of Softduit Media is the man... read more

Digital Payments Update

Not a lot of my business is foreign-sourced, and that’s probably not good. VO Pro Dan Hurst was the first one to clue me in on the incredible opportunities for neutral North American voices around the world, and all I can say is:  “I’m workin’... read more

10 Top Website Building Sites: Ranked

There’s not a voice actor among us who hasn’t fretted over their website.  It’s considered essential for any freelancer to have some sort of presence on the web.  Some sites are incredibly fancy and tricked-out.  Some are simple yet useful.   Plenty... read more

The Computer IS the Game

…which is why I don’t play games on computers.  No… really!I have so much fun getting computers, tablets, and smartphones to do what I want them to do, that I have to treat it as a game (just to stay sane). I’m not talking about... read more

Getting Paid Digitally

Every time I see 2.9% shaved off the top of a PayPal payment I grit my teeth.There have been endless VO forum threads about this, and a vast majority say they just write this off as the cost of doing business.  They claim the charge on their yearly tax return as a... read more

SpeakPage (seeking voice-actors)

We’re living in the middle of a paradigm shift.  Every generation does…they just don’t always see the forest for the trees.     For us, the internet is disrupting most all the of the media channels that had been enjoying... read more

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