The Computer IS the Game

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Software, Web Resources, Web/Tech

software…which is why I don’t play games on computers.  No… really!

I have so much fun getting computers, tablets, and smartphones to do what I want them to do, that I have to treat it as a game (just to stay sane). 

I’m not talking about troubleshooting…I’m talking about driving the space on every HD,  pushing the capacity of every chip, and challenging the limit of every video card to its max.  I expect a lot from my computers, and secretly, I think they’re swearing back at me.

My “installed programs” list is a mile long.  The sheer number of applications running in the background is obscene. 

…and still, I push.


Because there’s so much cool stuff out there.  Luckily for my computers, a lot of it is cloud-based now.  Visage and Canva — two of the niftiest new online tools for building quick visuals — are all browser-based.  More? PabloEasel.lyAnd here are 23 more.  (Canva and Kanvas are also available on your smartphone, but WordSwag is even better!)

Trouble is, with all that cloud-based stuff, and 20-or-more tabs open in two browsers at the same time, the computer STILL struggles to provide the power to keep up; cloud-based or not.  I can’t win!

And I’m just getting started.  Sparkol’s VideoScribe is my fave white-board video composer.  running a close second is Wideo. Mind you, those last two are NOT free… but oh so fetching.

SWAY is Microsoft’s newest addition to its Office Suite, and for now, it IS free…a fun online editor for sharable presentations, newsletters, and personal stories.

But you wanna know one of my favorite programs of all time?  SnagIt.  It’s made by TechSmith, the same people that make Camtasia.  SnagIt is screen capture on steroids because of what you can do to the picture once it’s been “snagged”.  Stamps, and plug-ins, and sharing to virtually every other program that means anything to anybody (FB, Twitter, Word, Evernote, PowerPoint, etc). 

I could go on and on here, but in 24 hours I’ll be getting up to fly to Atlanta, so I’m gonna leave it where it is. 

Got any favorite programs or websites?  Let us know in the comment section!




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