Choosing the Right DAW

To me, recording and editing with ProTools is like using an F-16 to cross the road.  Oh, you’ll get there, but it’ll cost you in money and time to learn all the gee-gaws. To others, using Adobe Audition harkens back to radio, and ALL the voice-0verists I... read more

Adobe Apologist

Several days ago, I posted about the special pricing Adobe was offering for its Creative Cloud Suite.  $39/mo, instead of $49 for the entire collection of 20 programs. I wavered, I fussed, I said no/yes/no/yes/no/yes/no, and then finally “yes”.  Aside from... read more

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite: Worth It?

Adobe Audition is one of the more popular DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) on the market for rank ‘n’ file voice-actors.  ProTools is like getting in an F-16 to cross the street for most voice-actors who are not also audio engineers (my unsolicited... read more

How Latent Are You?

The fancy new audio chain I bought isn’t exactly working like I thought it should.  Oh, it makes an incredible recording, but the unit itself dangerously overheats, and playback is fraught with pops and crackles (Rice Krispies!) that are not in the... read more

The Computer IS the Game

…which is why I don’t play games on computers.  No… really!I have so much fun getting computers, tablets, and smartphones to do what I want them to do, that I have to treat it as a game (just to stay sane). I’m not talking about... read more

The Mega Audio Recorder/Editor Reference List

The acronym is DAW.  Digital Audio Workstation.  When I was a newbie, I had to ask, because everybody was using that term.  “DAW”.  Honestly, I think it was a rite of passage, so people could tell if you were a newbie or not…because I don’t... read more

Go With What You Know

Do the time, and you form a trust.  It’s why I continue to buy Chevys, Microsoft, Kraft Mayonnaise, and National Geographic.Sure, I’m aware that Ford, Apple, Best Foods, and the Smithsonian make decent competing products, but not decent enough to make me... read more

Frustrated with i-Lok?

Maybe you’re absolutely satisfied with the anti-piracy technology known as i-Lok.  If so, you’re one of a disappearing breed. The dizzying hoops you have to jump through in credentialing your newly-purchased, and i-Lok-protected program mostly feels... read more

5 Ways VO’s Can Use EverNote: Part 1

Don’t think  you can pass by this blog today ’cause you already use Evernote.  I was among  the first 275,000 users to subscribe to Evernote (2008), and I gotta tellya… these folks DO. NOT. STOP.  They have so many things in new to the market or in... read more

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