Pro-Tools users, please don’t take this the wrong way, but if someone asked me the question about what’s the best DAW, I would give the same kind of advice that I’m giving today for video editing software.

Sure, Pro-Tools is awesome audio recording/editing software, but do you really need to get into an F-16, just to cross the street?

With video, you could get Sony Vegas, or Adobe Premiere, or Apple’s Final Cut Pro, but the learning curve is almost as steep as the price tag.  How many of those programs’ gee-gaws are you really going to use?

Audacity is the answer for those seeking a budget DAW.  Yes, “free” hits the budget pretty well, and Audacity is actually more than adequate for most VO needs.

HitFilm Express is the “audacity” for video editing.  

It has many features of the big boys, such as a whole string of special effects and transitions, an interface most video editors have, and…and…and it’s free.  There are modestly-priced modules you can purchase as add-ons, but most would not be necessary for our purposes.

Yeah, and what about that, Dave.  I’M a voice actor, not an on-camera person. Why do I need a video editor in my arsenal?

Really?  Do I have to go over this again?

Video or at least still pictures (or gifs) are almost essential to even being seen online these days.  If social media is ANY part of your marketing or online presence, then video is the hands-down trend that everything is moving towards.

That doesn’t mean YOU have to be on camera, just your brand, or your message, or your meme, or your demo.  WHATEVER it is you’re posting should have a visual with it.

For that, HitFilm Express is a big hit.

Why am I even trying to sell you on this?  It’s free and it’s full-featured.  It downloads and installs brainlessly, and the learning curve is almost non-existant.  I am getting no kickback whatsoever by telling you this… just the satisfaction that I shared info about a great deal to my blog readers.

Have fun with it!

Below is a worthless little video I edited with HitFilm Express in about 10 minutes from some still and video shots I had on my camera.  Notice the transitions, and the “heat” effect on the final still.  



|P.S. HitFilmExpress is just one of the great video editing programs mentioned in this updated list of BEST VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE.|