With decades of professional experience working in front of and behind a camera, there are lots of video lessons shared here. If you are looking for specific camera tips, check out my BLINK On Camera Tips

Sprint v. Marathon

Every freelancer finds their own way, but some time-tested rules still hold sway.
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Goals vs. Systems

They’re not really the same. One helps you chart your progress, the other actually helps you MAKE progress. Got a minute to watch a video?

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FaceBook Cover VIDEO

Facebook is tweaking and adding features again (aren’t they always?), but this newest one really makes sense. Here’s how to use it.

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Must See YT: Sheppard/Daniel

Are there two people who you would count on more to tell it like it is than Terry Daniel and Erik Sheppard? I think not. 17 mins well spent on the VDC-VoiceBank deal.

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