#1 It’s free to start (no limitations)…then very reasonably priced after.

#2  It’s as close to zero latency as you can get without breaking the laws of physics

#3  It’s clean, full-featured, intuitive, and requires no browser

#4  It’s patented, developed, and constantly improved  by a voice actor (one of us!)

Actually, there are even more reasons to try ConnectionOpen…and I’ve written about them several times over the years.  But founder/developer/chief advocate Randy Morrison JUST. WON’T. STOP. improving this product!

Talking to Randy recently set me on a pace to install the latest version (Mac, Windows, or iOS), and kick the tires again.  It’s even better than  before!!!

Let’s not compare CO to any other parellel product…that’s not really fair to anyone.  But what’s certainly not fair is that this awesome product has not reached the threshold of acceptance that it deserves for remote recording in the VoiceOver universe.

Watch the video below, where I interview Randy about this seasoned product, and then click the link and get going.  Call Randy if you want to chat about it…he’s always available through contact info on the site.

|disclaimer:  I have rec’d no compensation for endorsing this product.  I just believe in it|




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