C-O Part Deux

You might be best served by reading my blog of January 24th: Morrison’s Mad Moves (if you haven’t already) before reading “Part Deux” below. Randy Morrison is at the same time a kid with a new toy, and a guy with a monkey on his back. ... read more

Morrison’s Mad Moves

Randy Morrison keeps bouncing in and out of my life.  He USED to live and work radio in Las Vegas, but these days, he’s a voice-actor based out of the Austin, TX area.  Aside from Randy’s awesome talent, and incredible voice…the reason we keep... read more

No Flowers Please…

…just send donations to the next-gen technology company that will inherit ISDN’s faithful. Yesterday well-known production house ProComm Voice Talent delivered a message to its member talent that it was transitioning away from reliance on ISDN (by the end... read more

Connection Open: Final Beta

Regular readers of this blog will recognize that I’ve written several times about the “other” IP remote connection solution called ConnectionOpen.Most everyone is familiar with ipDTL, Source-Connect, or Source-Connect NOW.  In Europe, many voice... read more

Kick Open a Connection

Although it’s been relatively quiet of late, the “ISDN Successor Wars” are still simmering.  Recapping:  as TelCos do their best to rid themselves of paired copper wire connections and switching infrastructure,  several innovative IP-solution... read more

…and One More

This week’s webinar featuring popular alternatives ipDTL, SoundStreak, and SourceConnect resurrected the sleeping sibling in this set of options. Close followers of this blog will recall my mentioning yet another ISDN alternative in earlier posts:... read more

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