Persistence is a virtue.  How many people give up when the going gets tough, the funds run out, or no one’s listening?

That’s why I keep writing about ConnectionOpen.  It’s almost singularly the brainchild and labor of veteran voice actor Randy Morrison – a guy who is nothing if not persistent.

ConnectionOpen has been in process since 2004. From the start it was meant to be a seamless, IP solution for performers to collaborate remotely with no latency.  It lives up to that vision, now, 14 years later.

Along the way, the founders acquired two patents (no small feat!).  Morrison has had his hat handed to him with disappointment.  There’ve been the development, coding, and technical issues that never end.  Funding was and continues to be a challenge.  Marketing against SourceConnect and ipDTL is a nightmare. 

But ConnectionOpen is still here, and now it’s better than ever.  Meaning, a lot of the installation, set-up, and configuration hassles are gone.  All that is now seamless for Mac or Windows.  The software is not Chrome-browser dependent like some of “the other guys”.  The patented technology allows the signal to be uncompressed (that’s huge). The standalone app is a free download, and for now, free to use.  Both ends of the audio transaction have to have the software installed.


Wanna Test?

Morrison is testing it all over the place with people in the know – or anybody, really.  The more people who user-test the thing, the more robust it will be.  The longest distance geographic test was from Texas to Portugal with virtually no delay (or so microcosmically small, that live collaborating musicians couldn’t tell the difference)…and that was running simultaneously with Skype, which is a bandwidth hog!

The ConnectionOpen standalone app is a free download, and for now, free to use Click To Tweet

The goal has always been to make the product cost-feasible for voice actors.  Eventually, a subscription will be in the $35/mo ballpark.  Day passes will be available so you can involve your clients/producers on the other end.

As with most online products, development is never done, and neither are the opportunities for applying this technology.  Morrison proudly mentions the ways in which education – particularly home schooling enterprises – are able to use ConnectionOpen to their advantage.

Connect with ConnectionOpen

Here’s where to go to sign-up and download the product:   Morrison invites you to like the ConnectionOpen FB page, where you can follow the latest with the product:

Got questions?  Write Randy Morrison through contact on the website or at [email protected].  He’s the President, CEO, chief customer service agent, and all-encompassing advocate for the company.

For some reason, Randy keeps me abreast of progress with ConnectionOpen, and has done so for years.  I’ve installed and uninstalled more iterations of ConnectionOpen than I care to remember, but I can tell you the current version is by far the easiest and most reliable.

I’m impressed, overall; with the product, sure…but more with Morrison’s dedication and persistence.




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