Connection Open: Final Beta

by | Jul 8, 2016 | ConnnectionOpen

connectionopen-cRegular readers of this blog will recognize that I’ve written several times about the “other” IP remote connection solution called ConnectionOpen.

Most everyone is familiar with ipDTL, Source-Connect, or Source-Connect NOW.  In Europe, many voice actors and producers use SessionLink Pro.

While there are many similarities under the hood with these digital services, each one has its functionality and has arrived where it is in the marketplace today under unique circumstances.

I’ve been following along voice actor/developer Randy Morrison‘s saga with ConnectionOpen for some time, now, and can attest to the care and the cost it has taken to come to this point in the development of such a complex product.  He’s been consistently committed to this project all along…and despite fits and starts, it’s now about as close as possible to being a commercially-available product.

Visit the ConnectionOpen website to test the free Beta.  Randy WANTS you to.  In fact, WoVO members who contact Randy for a test run with ConnectionOpen might just be eligible for some “consideration” when standard pricing comes out.  WoVO is also working with Randy (who was present at WoVOCon-III) on some help for WoVO members because of our close association.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

Some pluses for the ConnectionOpen platform:

  • equally at home on Mac or Windows
  • does not need the Chrome browser
  • configures itself automatically
  • next-to-zero latency anywhere in the world
  • signal is uncompressed
  • works with multiple users

WoVO member Connie Terwilliger worked with Randy on a test just this week, and wrote favorably about it on the Members of World-Voices Facebook page.  You might want to check it out if you are a WoVO member…some other insights in that thread, including a customer from France who is using it.

The website explains a lot about first install and set-up.  You need to have Java installed.  Just use the FAQ’s under “getting started”.  Randy is really anxious to find out if there are any bugs left in the system, so please let him know if you find anything, feel free to contact him for a test.  I’m not free to share his contact info, but he’s on Facebook.

I love that Randy is one of our own community who is working hard to put advanced technology in our lap for an ISDN alternative that’s better than ISDN. 

Thanks, Randy!




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