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SLP logo medium “What was that again?” I said to Jason Rooney.

My ears perked up when Rooney – a friend and VO Pro – mentioned he had successfully completed a remote recording using an IP connection service I’d never heard of before.

“SessionLinkPro” he said.  “Worked like a charm!”

Naturally, I was on the case.  I knew enough about it to mention it during our WoVOChat on ISDN v. IP alternatives last week.  I knew SessionLinkPro was yet another of the growing list of ISDN challengers based on internet protocols, and using a stable codec developed some years ago by Skype.

Following the trail to the SessionLinkPro website, I pinged the contact by email, and got an immediate response from the designer and founder of SLP:  Tim Proegler (best English equivalent: pronounced Proogler). 

Tim was amenable to conducting a video interview, and immediately suggested we do so using the video channel capability he was designing into the interface.  We did, and the result is below.  There was never a hitch in the audio or video signal in the ~13 minute interview.  Very robust.

During our talk, you’ll find out:

  • How Tim got the idea to develop SLP
  • Some technical specs
  • Pricing and subscription plans
  • ISDN’s not-so-slow death in Europe
  • Marketing plans for SLP
  • Why the video component is so important
  • How SLP compares to its competitors

…and more.

SessionLinkPro uses a simple, intuitive interface.  The audio/video quality is tops.  Making the connection to the other party is easy…just send an invite by email with a link.  I forgot to ask if a Chrome browser is necessary, but I believe it is.  Please watch our interview below.

Kudos to you, Tim, for your entrepreneurship and for creating a fine, stable product for the marketplace.


Interview with SessionLinkPro’s Tim Proegler from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo.



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  1. Rick Shockley

    As always, great stuff. With your incredibly busy schedule, you amaze me with the content you continue to provide to all of us. Thank you!

  2. Tammy J Anderson

    I just had a potential client indicate they used SessionLinkPro. They are from Germany. It was nice to find information from a trusted source. Thanks Dave.


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