Gear Drooling

A decidedly geeky affliction that hits whenever drool-worthy gear is revealed.

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Freelancer Security

We ARE the IT department for our freelance businesses. But is that a strong suit for you?
Here are some fundamentals to consider.

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Automated Voice Acting?

They’ll never stop trying. The innovators, scientists, and geeks who think there’s a digital answer to nearly every human function. Now, this.

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Mp3, Like ISDN, Far From Gone

The German foundation that owns the rights to the mp3 audio file format announced it’s ending licensing. Does that mean this ubiquitous format is dead?

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Tools, Toys, & Time

A video admonition to not overload yourself with the myriad of tools and digital toys available right now. Tips on how to find the right ones and make them work for you.

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PhotoShop for Voice

Has PhotoShop been good for photography?  Don’t answer that.  Either way, does it follow that an analogous device or program would be good for voice-acting? That’s the basic question, I guess.  The only reason I can think of as to why... read more

SSD = Soul Saving Device

Forget all you thought you knew about time-saving techniques.  Scheduling, to-do lists, goal setting, business plans, better keyboards…WHATEVER!  None of it compares to an SSD. Solid State Drive or Solid State Disc replaces the hard drive on your... read more

.mp3 Demystified

Most of your voice-acting pros will know about this, but it’s never too late to learn something new, or even brush-up on something “old”. We all use .mp3, but do we really know how this marvel of audio compression works,  It’s mostly... read more

The DAW: Triumph of Eye Over Ear?

PBS recently re-aired a special on the White House.  The staff, the history, the Oval Office, and more.  All manner of people who’ve had ANYTHING to do with the residence were interviewed.   You should try to see it.  No... read more

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