Just to recap:

  1. ISDN is leaving us (not quite yet, but everybody understands the TelCo’s want it gone)
  2.  Source-Connect and ipDTL (even Skype) are gaining more foothold in producer studios everyday
  3. Most ISDN alternatives (including the above) are dependent on the chromium-derived browser.

This is why I’m so stoked about ConnectionOpen, and have been for years.  If you search my blog, you’ll see that I’ve been gushing about this product since at least 2011.

Why I like it:

  • American-made
  • patented technology
  • developed by a voice-actor (a very persistent one)
  • affordable
  • zero latency (not kidding)
  • no browser needed

Randy Morrison (the voice-actor behind CO) keeps calling me to say they’ve got a new version, and I should really try it out.  Then, he comes out with yet ANOTHER improvement, and ya know…that’s the way it should be. This product is constantly undergoing improvements. I was pretty happy with the 2016, and then the 2017 version…but I gotta admit, it’s even more awesome now.

Morrison tells me: “Besides offering uncompressed audio between multiple users at the almost imperceptible latency, ConnectionOpen now has solo and session recording functions built right in to the application, AND plug-ins for AAX/VST/AU.  We work with Windows 10, and Mac El Capitan-Mojave. Version of ConnectionOpen has been  upgraded to offer a more responsive VU meter feature and info balloons that display as you scroll over the icons for ease of navigation inside the application.”

Today I’m checking out that new version in a live session with Creative Media Recording’s Tim Keenan.  Tomorrow’s blog may have a video recording of that trial run, but my real reason for today’s blog is this “free” offer:

30 FREE 24-hour day passes (each) to over 1,000 users. 

Here’s how to get them:  Sign up for an account at www.connectionopen.com.  You’ll then receive a confirmation email to the address you signed up with.  Sign in to the ConnectionOpen website (after returning confirmation email) and go directly to “download”.  Download the app and send the email address which you used to sign up for your CO account to [email protected].  He’ll then have programming populate your account with 30 free 24 hour day passes.

Pricing hasn’t quite been finalized yet, but I can tell you it’s extremely competitive, and even more so for WoVO members.  Regardless, with 30 free 24-hour day passes, you’ll be using CO for a long time for free.

[disclaimer: CO was a WoVOCon sponsor, and Randy gave me some “shares” in CO – but it doesn’t matter, I woulda said all this anyway]





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