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by | Feb 23, 2017 | Web Resources, Web/Tech

Not a lot of my business is foreign-sourced, and that’s probably not good.

VO Pro Dan Hurst was the first one to clue me in on the incredible opportunities for neutral North American voices around the world, and all I can say is:  “I’m workin’ on it!”.

But with the global marketplace comes the question about how to get paid across international borders. PayPal is popular elsewhere in the world, but not universally… and I’m not even a big fan of being paid here in the USA through PayPal!

That’s when Hurst mentioned TransferWise…which is what he uses to great satisfaction.  It’s a solution that gets around exorbitant bank transfer fees, using a guaranteed exchange rate, and a unique banking system all its own.  So there’s that advantage.

But now, TransferWise is joining other similar services like Azimo and Venmo to piggyback on messenger apps.  According to this article in Fastcompany, as of the 21st of February, “…TransferWise enters the fray with the launch of its Facebook Messenger bot. As with the TransferWise app, the bot provides a lower-cost means for executing cross-border payments…”

Facebook loves any other endeavor that builds its messenger popularity, so everyone wins.  You too!

Here are a couple more current articles on TransferWise’s new service:

…and the word from the horse’s mouth:

By the way, a blog I wrote about digital payments (based on frustration at PayPal’s fee structure) is a little dated, but might still give you some ideas of how digital (even CoinBase) is changing the way the world thinks about money.


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