Categorizing Voice Over Demos – Genre/Category/Specialty

by | May 20, 2016 | Demos, Web/Tech, Webinar,

demoThursday’s WoVO Webinar to bridge the issues some members were having with the integration was successful by all accounts.

My thanks to Bob Merkel, Joe Davis, Chris Mezzolesta, and Dan Lenard for deftly handling all the questions, and patiently explaining some of the nuances of the site.  My thanks also to the attendees.  We had 45 joining in at one point, and their questions were all excellent!

Perhaps one of the most challenging ideas to come out of the conversation was whether to…and how to categorize demos…or even how to describe that.  Genre’s?  Specialties?  Should an audiobook narration, a medical narration, and a long-format eLearning narration all go into a “narration” demo?…or should you have separate demos for all those topics? 

Apparently there’s room for healthy debate about that.  Which was an epiphany to me.  All I’d EVER heard was that you should have a specialty demo for each genre, and you don’t mix-in anything else into that specialty demo.  This could be a blog for a later time…but for now — even if you’re not on or not a WoVO member, there is a lot of valuable information in this hour-long video for any voice-over talent.




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